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Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

Recently I had a new client reach out, someone who has never used a travel advisor.

While getting to know him, I learned that he had spent all his vacation budget and even worse -- all his vacation time last summer on one trip.

Half of the hotels he used were total flops and he never wanted to gamble with his time and money again.

I could totally relate.

When my husband and I travel, if I have even one bad meal I am despondent because that to me is one of the twenty-one meals I will have during that week, and I can't waste a meal.

Photo: The one bad meal I had in Italy. In a rush to the Colloseum, my husband bought us sandwiches to tide us over before our tour.   My take - waste of a meal....his take - survival ;) He thinks I need to chill out. Perhaps I do.

But I want perfection when I travel, and I also want that for my clients.

Something my new friend at Tauck Tours said to me...and even he admitted it sounds like a sales pitch...was that you can't get a refund on a vacation.

Maybe if a hotel is terrible, they will do something financially. But, what you can't get back is your time...your vacation time.

And that is why I view my role as your travel planner so important.

When you work with Travel Prospect, or any seasoned travel advisor for that matter, you will work with someone who will spend a significant amount of time getting to know you -- your likes, dislikes, goals for this trip and even what you may not have liked on past ones. I will create an itinerary of your dreams and once you set out on your journey...I will be watching and doing everything it takes so that no mishaps, bad dinners or hotel flops occur.

And when you get on that return flight home, there won't be any regrets about what it could have or should have been. Just amazing memories and someone at Travel Prospect to share your vacation pictures with.

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