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Nicaragua -Believe the Hype

As I begin to write this, I grow a little bit hesitant for two reasons…first, since I returned back from Nicaragua last month I have NOT STOPPED talking about it…are people getting sick of me talking about Nicaragua??? Secondly --- do I really want to push tourism in this beautiful country (where, during the typically packed President’s Day week, I found most beaches empty, pool lounge chairs plentiful and complete relaxation that one rarely gets when you are stuck traveling according to the school calendar)???

Beach walk on the Emerald Coast

So, for the first…I hope not. For the second…I DO want to encourage people to travel to Nicaragua…as a family, as a couple, as a solo traveler, for adventure and for good old R&R.

This is because – it’s beautiful AND the people are beautiful. So welcoming and appreciative of your interest in visiting their country. The food amazing – don’t quote me but I think most of the food they grow and produce is organic. It’s so healthy and fresh.

The beautiful smiles at Morgan's Rock...what a welcome...

There are also so many different climates and topography = so many different kinds of activities to engage in – mountain, volcanos, rainforests, dry forests, beach, Pacific Ocean, Caribbean Sea, countless lakes – so much to see and do.

Boating under the actual Morgan's Rock at Morgan's Rock Ecolodge

As of today…no chain hotels…wherever you stay…you feel like you are in beautiful Nicaragua.

Making friends and chocolate in Granada

And, my kids didn’t ask for any electronic device once. They were so entertained by nature…the people….sharing stories at the end of the day of the adventures we had…the fears we faced and exhilaration we got from ziplining, surfing, doing jungle safaris, diving off boats to swim to shore and for me…horseback riding.

 My big "kid" ziplining at Mombacho Volcano

Also…Nicaragua is affordable…the money you spend there --compared to one of its neighboring countries-- goes much further.

In short…please consider Nicaragua for your next trip.

Surfing lessons at Rancho Santana

While we were there we stayed at La Plaza de Colon, Morgan’s Rock and Rancho Santana.

Lunch at one of Rancho Santana's many restaurants

We absolutely loved them all, each for different reasons.

Good Morning Monkeys, taken out my bedroom window

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions about these hotels, or Nicaragua in general. As I may have mentioned, I LOVE talking about it!!

Sunset beach horseback ride at Rancho Santana

And, while I am hesitant to say how safe it is, bc GOD FORBID something happens during your travels…its safe, and I felt safe the entire time…its one of the safest countries in all of Central America.

Private Plunge Pool in our "treehouse" at Morgan's Rock

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