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A Different Kind of Travel Planning

I like to think that Travel Prospect offers a different kind of travel planning.

When you work with us, you are getting someone who is there for you whenever you need. Our clients get extraordinary personalized services simply because we are obsessed with travel and love talking about it with anyone who will! I might become hard to shake, and while working together I am afraid to say that we might actually become friends!!

But, this post isn't about why Travel Prospect is different...its a quick thought about how my family and I think of travel.

For us, its necessary. 

Travel forces us to be together, to get out of our comfort zones and our routine.

But as we all know, travel does cost money.

This is why when at the beginning of each year when my husband and I do our financial planning for the year, we also spend time discussing our travel plan for the year.

We like to do three trips. One just us, one with kids - somewhere we can just turn off our brains and play, read, lay, and then one where we do something cultural...and that might end at a beach, or at a waterpark of some sort too.

Some years we have money, some we have less.

But we always find a way to do these trips and take that time for our family.

So the travel planning usually consists of us determining whether our cultural trip will be a tour through Spain, or maybe a visit to Pennsylvania's Amish Country. Will the beach trip be to a destination we can drive to versus fly to?

This commitment to travel and time together is never negotiable and its been very important to our family's “culture.”

I highly recommend considering this exercise, and feel free to consult with us at Travel Prospect to help you figure it out and put your plans in action.

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